LN small city
Corruption +3; Crime -2; Economy +1; Law +5; Lore +1; Society -1
Qualities insular
Danger +5; Disadvantages cursed


Government overlord
Population 9,000

Notable NPCs

Captain of Kharon’s Swords Jiranda Hollis
High Priest Fallor Pollux
Lord Mayor Alton Ralderac


Base Value 4,000 gp; Purchase Limit 25,000 gp

The city of Catafalque is the inhabited remains of what was once Tragwyddol. During the riots and subsequent plague that helped define the city’s most significant trajety – the Great Revolt – anyone who was unable to escape the city fled to the safety of Tragwyddol’s inner city. Behind armed barricades and locked gates, the survivors hid themselves away to allow the remnants of their city’s greatest disaster to run its course. When at last they emerged, they found only ruin. What was left was unsuitable for reoccupation. Entire city blocks were burned to the ground. Corpses littered the streets. Plague vermin hunted with unnatural tenacity. Scavengers and squatters daring to venture the ruins began to go missing at alarming rates. It did not take long for rumors to begin circulating of Tragwyddol’s outer limits – now referred to as The Graves – as being haunted.

Today, the citizens of Catafalque have learned to make due within the limits of Tragwyddol’s inner city. While the noble houses still maintain their own private guards, a mercenary group, Kharon’s Swords, provide protection to the city as a whole and serve as escorts through the Graves. Due to the city’s restricted size, travel to and from Catafalque is tightly controlled. Most visitor’s papers expire after only a couple days; rare – and expensive – exceptions have been given, granting up to a week’s stay. Exorbitant taxes are levied again anyone wishing to reside outside the city walls which, when combined with the perils of frequent travel through The Graves – has all but prevented growth outside the city proper.

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